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Data Sheet

The FE Petro 400988931 is a standard check valve replacement that holds and maintains pipeline pressure when the STP is off. It allows product flow when the STP is on. Integral to each check valve is a pressure relief valve. When the line pressure exceeds the pressure relief threshold it opens and bleeds pressure into the tank.

Key Features

  • Opens at about 40 PSI (2.8 bar)
  • Resets above 35 PSI (2.4 bar)
  • Typically used for Mechanical Line Leak Detectors (MLD) and some electronic line leak detectors (i.e., Incon, Emco Wheaton, and RJ ST)
  • Identified with Silver ID Nut

Franklin Fueling 4" STP Standard check valve 400988931

SKU: 400988931
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