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Red Jacket® FXV Mechanical Line Leak Detectors are permanently installed in the fuel line, and performs a 3 gal/h hourly test automatically. If a leak is detected fuel flow is restricted to the dispensers. 


Red Jacket® FXV Mechanical Line Leak Detectors are built for superior performance and keeping operators in compliance – even in the most challenging environments. They offer the fastest Mechanical line leak test available for hourly monitoring – the most cost-effective and reliable means to meet U.S. Federal Environmental Protection Agency catastrophic line leak detection requirements – and are guaranteed for two full years.

FXV Leak Detectors are UL listed and third party certified to ensure quality, performance, and durability. All models of the FXV Leak Detector are UL Listed for the following Fuel Compatibility:

  • 100 % Diesel

  • 100 % Gasoline

  • Gasoline and up to 10% Ethanol


Product Form

Part Number




Line Leak Detector Unit, FX1V, Gas

FX1V Line Leak Detector Unit


Line Leak Detector Unit, FX1DV, Diesel

FX1V Line Leak Detector Unit


Line Leak Detector Unit, FX2V, Gas

Product discontinued as of July 1, 2021


Line Leak Detector Unit, FX2DV, Diesel

Product discontinued as of July 1, 2021


Features and Benefits

  • UL listing = 100% diesel, 100% gasoline, gasoline and up to 10% ethanol.

  • Meets EPA requirements in environments that experience extreme temperature changes.

  • Robust design that works effectively in the most common and difficult testing environments.

  • Adapts to applications using high-resiliency lines, such as flexible piping.

  • Handles up to 11 feet of static head.

  • Installs and troubleshoots without requiring special tools.

  • Guaranteed to detect at a rate of 3 GPH at 10 PSI for 24 months from date of manufacture.

  • Can be used with any Red Jacket or competitive submersible turbine pump.


Red Jacket® FXV MLLD

SKU: 116-056-5
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