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  • EMV (Europay, Mastercard and Visa) refers to a new system that has become the international standard for payment transactions. EMV technology adds a security layer that involves requiring a number code to authenticate an individual payment. Use of the chip cards ensure more secure credit card transactions

  • In the context of the retail petroleum industry, EMV involves the installation of chip card readers in dispensers and in-store terminals.

The Liability Shift


  • While it is not illegal to continue the use of the magnetic stripe terminals after the Deadline, it is important for gas station owners to understand that financial institutions will no longer assume liability for any fraudulent transaction(s) that occur at the pump after that time.


  • Gas station operators looking to effectively protect their business and customers from expensive chargebacks would then need to convert all magnetic stripe terminals to EMV prior to the Deadline. The liability shift for in-store transactions already occurred in October 2015.






Reasons to Invest in EMV 

  • Fraud from credit card skimmers is on the rise.  There have been warnings issued from both the Secret Service and Visa concerning the growing numbers of skimmers being found at gas stations. Since EMV systems reduce the risks associated with skimming, gas station owners will enjoy the positive effects of customers appreciation and stronger loyalty to their gas stations for taking steps to protect them from fraud.         

  • EMV compliant gas stations will have a competitive edge over other gas stations in the same region who did not invest in EMV technology. 

  • Financing options are available to help you with your EMV conversion and our team at E.O. Habhegger is here to help you today.

E.O. Habhegger has the experience and industry knowledge to provide you with site specific advice and equipment that will enable your business to make the transition to EMV compliance.
Call us on 610 622 1977 or email us on if you need any further information or have any questions in relation to EMV.
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